About TherapyNow

TherapyNow is simple. Here are a few of the questions that we get most often.

TherapyNow is an online counseling office that provides instant access to mental health care treatment to residents of Michigan.

No more waiting lists, unreturned calls, low-quality telehealth services, expensive weekly subscriptions, or burnt-out underpaid therapists.

Who We Are

TherapyNow was founded in 2019, by Aaron Reider and Robb Kornoelje. After having researched countless practices and online telehealth services, Aaron and Robb felt there existed a gap in quality online services at an affordable price. TherapyNow operates as a telehealth office for The Truism Center in Grand Rapids, MI.

Having been both therapists and clients, the two set out to create a counseling office that any Michigan resident can access from the comfort of their home.

What We Do

At TherapyNow, we employ local Michigan-based therapists. Our therapists are diverse in experience allowing us to provide expert-level care for the wide variety of issues an individual may encounter in their daily lives. Every one of our therapists has been personally vetted by Robb and Aaron and each of them holds a license to practice in the state of Michigan. We take the time to get to know our therapists so that we may best match you to someone that fits your needs.