Anxiety and Stress Counseling in Michigan

That persistent sense of panic...the feelings of dread and physical tension without being able to pinpoint the cause.

Anxiety and chronic stress are overwhelming and overpowering. It prevents you from living a balanced, trusting, and fulfilling life.

It creates a vicious cycle of distress, leaving you unable to find calmness or peace.

When you feel that your anxiety and stress are getting in the way of living a healthy life, when you feel trapped and cannot find a way to escape your situation, then it’s time to make a change.

We’re here to help you make it happen.

How did things get so tense?

When our bodies are in a constant state of anxiety or stress, it increases cortisol levels putting our nervous system into a hypervigilant state.

We feel a sense of fight or flight because the body believes it is under a constant state of threat. This prevents your ability to find relaxation and balance.

Our thoughts can start to pace, and we become consumed or overwhelmed with whatever is on our mind.

Sometimes that even manifests physically. You wake in cold sweats, your heart races throughout the day, you find you can’t concentrate as your mind is elsewhere.

TherapyNow is Here to Restore Your Balance

By connecting you to a trusted therapist specializing in anxiety and stress management, we can help you get to the source of your emotions, thought patterns, and behaviors.

We help you get to the core of why you feel constantly anxious, of why you’re over stressed, so you can learn to let go.

So you can return back to your natural state of calm that’s still there under the surface.

That peace never left, we just need to reconnect you to it.

If you’re ready to return, then let’s get started!

With TherapyNow, you can get access to a counselor TODAY and begin your healing journey