Online Marriage and Couples Counseling in Michigan

Has Your Relationship Lost Its Spark? Missing The Intimate Connection with a Partner?

It’s the feeling of distance between you two.

Somewhere along the way, something changed and now the relationship just doesn’t feel right.

You feel like you’re with a stranger at times, that you can’t connect with them the way you used to.

Intimacy and romance? Right now you’d settle just for a cuddle but it seems like you’re both working in different time zones.

What’s at stake is important. This is your relationship, and without any action it continues to spiral down further.

But it doesn’t have to. Your relationship can change dramatically for the better.

Restore the Trust, Intimacy and Connection You Once Had

We encounter relationship challenges when we start growing in two separate directions.

You take one path, they take another.

Suddenly you find yourselves just not meshing the way you used to.

Therapy is a journey to bring you two back together on the same path. We help you understand what brought you two together in the first place, and then forge a new bond.

And with that new bond comes a reawakening of your emotions. You feel lighter with each other, you can joke again, you simply enjoy each other’s presence again.

Making It Happen Quickly

From rebuilding your relationships to making powerful connections, creating the relationship of your dreams is a possibility.

The key is getting on the right path immediately.

At TherapyNow, we make that happen by getting you matched with the right relationship counselor today.

No matter where you are, you can connect to a relationship therapist online. Our role is to make the process easier, so you avoid the long wait simply to schedule an appointment.

If you’re ready to start on your path today, here’s how to make it happen.