Online Sex Therapy and Counseling in Michigan

Understanding the Role of Sex Therapy

Your confidence feels like it's at an all time low…

The nervousness, the stress, it’s all compounding in your head to make each moment stressful.

And when it happens again, that just puts you even more in your head.

Maybe you’ve delayed addressing because you thought it would eventually pass. But now it’s taking a toll on your relationship and you’re worried it may always be like this.

What’s at stake is remaining this self perpetuating cycle, worried that things may not change and that worry itself taking hold.

But with the right guide, these sexual challenges can clear, and you can get back to enjoying the bedroom.

Sex Therapy Can Help

When you experience sexual difficulties, you are not alone.

These sexual issues can surrounding sex can arise from illness, divorce, or separation, cultural or religious beliefs, and low sex drive. A change happens in our lives and suddenly we can’t even think about sex let alone be present with it.

When we “think” about sex, it disconencts the emotional aspect, and that’s what results in the lack of intimacy.

Sex therapy then is about reconnecting with you your emotions. it’s about getting you back in your body so you can feel intimate again.

It’s time for a change.

At TherapyNow we know that time is of the essence.

You don’t want your challenges solved months and years from now, you want to get started ASAP.

When you reach out, we match you with the right sex therapist so you can get started immedaitely on your path to healing.

Now is the time to build the relationships you desire, and now is the time to reclaim your sexual experience.

Whatever the cause is, we can help you work through it.

Here’s how to make it happen

With TherapyNow, you can get access to a counselor TODAY and begin your healing journey