Laurie Kee — Video Therapist—Michigan

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"Self-care is how you take your power."

Helping you find the best you

It’s been a while since you’ve felt like you. It’s like a tornado that has ripped through your life and you don’t know where to start to pick up the pieces. You have to keep going because people count on you but you’re feeling overwhelmed. There are good days and bad and yet you see this cycle that you want to end. You want to feel on top of things again and regain that sense that you can live fully and have joy. Many people face difficulties and hardships in life such as divorce, transitions, career concerns, depression, anxiety, stress, or relationship issues. We can work together to process and overcome these difficulties.

Be the expert on you

Therapy can help build skills to deal with whatever life brings your way. I believe everyone can benefit from therapy and having a safe place to speak openly. I use an eclectic style to best meet your needs and place in life. I think every person is their own best expert; I simply help you see the strengths and challenge you to grow and use new tools. I am honored when a client allows me to walk with them on a journey of healing. I have a MA and BA from Oakland University in Counseling and Psychology. I’m also a nationally certified counselor and licensed professional counselor. I previously worked in Community Mental Health with adults. I currently provide telehealth therapy services through Therapy Now.