Online Trauma and PTSD Counseling in Michigan

The walls feel like they’re closing in... reliving your trauma all over again.

The nightmares, the flashbacks and the heightened anxiety prevent you from doing the things you previously loved.

From natural disasters and accidents to abuse, trauma can take control of our lives in a negative way.

It  can cripple your emotional and physical well-being by removing your sense of security…

Without taking action, a sensation of detachment can start to take over, making it feel like you’re “going crazy”.

But you aren’t.

And the way you feel right now can be completely transformed.

Therapy can help make that happen.

Do not delay taking your life back. At TherapyNow, our experienced PTSD counselors are available to help you find your path to security, balance, and peace of mind.

We don’t just focus on “coping” with how you feel, but actually getting to the root cause so we can help unlock what’s causing this daily pain.

Once the underlying pain has been processed, you can elevate up to a higher level experience. Where you can feel joy without guilt, and daily optimism without a nagging at the back of your mind.

The transformation is truly incredible.

We Get You the Help You Need

We understand the importance of finding a therapist you feel comfortable with and can trust, and we also know the importance of getting help quickly.

That’s why when you reach out to us, we can match you with the ideal therapist immediately, and get you started on your path to healing today.

Your experience of life is important, don't delay another day making it worth it.